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Chromebook 3180 Case Install Tutorial

Chromebook 3180 Case Install

  1. Be sure to take all plastic off the case before snapping onto Chromebook.
  2. Put bottom part of case on first, make sure everything snaps on.
  3. Open up Chromebook and slide top part of case down onto the top part of the Chromebook, then make sure bottom sides snap in.
  4. You are done. :)


How to Connect to WiFi on Chromebook

Connect to WiFi on Chromebook

  1. Down at he bottom right of the Chromebook screen you should see 
  2. Click on the above, and you should see 
  3. Click on the above icon to see wireless networks within range and choose the one you want to connect to.


Helpful Key Combo Shortcuts

Key Combinations What they do
Ctrl + Shift + Q(Press Q twice) Log out of your Chromebook.
Alt + [ Dock a window to the left side of your screen.
Alt + ] Dock a window to the right side of your screen.
Ctrl + Takes a screenshot of whole Screen
Ctrl + Shift + Takes a screenshot of a selected part
Alt + Toggles Caps Lock
Ctrl + Shift and - Decrease Screen Scale
Ctrl + Shift and + Increase Screen Scale
Ctrl + C Copy selected content to the clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut selected content and paste somewhere else
Ctrl + V Paste content from clipboard
Ctrl + Z Undo your last action.


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