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Please feel free to contact our Central Office with any questions that you may have concerning DeKalb County Schools.

Mailing Address:

DeKalb County Board of Education
110 South Public Square
Smithville, Tennessee 37166

Central Office Telephone Number: 615-597-4084
Central Office Fax: 615-597-6326




Mr. Patrick Cripps 615-597-4084
Director Of Schools Email Mr. Patrick Cripps
Mrs. Jamie Vickers 615-597-4084
Secretary Email Mrs. Jamie Vickers
Mrs. Michelle Burklow 615-215-2109
Instruction Supervisor Pre-K -5 Email Mrs. Michelle Burklow
Dr. Kathy Bryant 615-215-2107
Instruction Supervisor 6-12 Email Dr. Kathy Bryant
Mr. Joey Reeder 615-215-2102
Supervisor of Attendance Email Mr. Joey Reeder
Dr. Danielle Collins 615-215-2116
Federal Programs Supervisor Email Dr. Danielle Collins
Mrs. April Hale 615-215-2119
Attendance / SSMS Email Mrs. April Hale
Mrs. Amy Lattimore 615-215-2104
School Nutrition Supervisor Email Mrs. Amy Lattimore
Mrs. Melissa Pirtle 615-215-2103
School Nutrition Bookkeeper/Payroll Email Mrs. Melissa Pirtle
Mrs. Elise Driver 615-215-2118
School Health Coordinator Email Mrs. Elise Driver
Mrs. Shea Hennessee
Supervisor of Special Education Email Mrs. Shea Hennessee
Mrs. Shirley Ours 615-215-2105
Special Ed Secretary Email Mrs. Shirley Ours
Mrs. Shelly Jared 615-215-2111
Federal Programs Bookkeeper Email Mrs. Shelly Jared
Mrs. Kenderly Cripps 615-215-2110
GP Payroll/Bookkeeper Email Mrs. Kenderly  Cripps
Mrs. Martha Taylor 615-215-2161
Assistant School Health Email Mrs. Martha Taylor
Mr. Greg Frasier 615-215-2114
Technology Supervisor Email Mr. Greg Frasier
Mr. Danny Pirtle 615-597-4084
Technology Technician Email Mr. Danny Pirtle
Mr. Jordan Funk 615-597-4084
Technology Technician Email Mr. Jordan Funk
Mr. Roger Sharp 615-597-4094
Technology Technician Email Mr. Roger Sharp
Mrs. Lori Rogers 615-215-2106
Homebound Teacher Email Mrs. Lori Rogers
Mr. Jimmy Sprague 615-597-4273
Transportation Manager Email Mr. Jimmy  Sprague
Mr. Earl Jared 615-597-4072
Maintenance Supervisor Email Mr. Earl Jared
Mr. Brad Leach 615-597-5905
Vocational Director Email Mr. Brad Leach