Welcome to the Attendance Department
Joey Reeder
Attendance Supervisor
DeKalb County Schools Central Office
110 South Public Square, Smithville, TN 37166
(615) 215-2102
Attendance Department Staff
Name Title Location Phone Email
April Odom SIS Manager, EIS DBA, State Reporting Central Office 615-215-2119 aprilodom@dekalbschools.net
Rhonda Merriman Guidance/Attendance Clerk DCHS 615-597-4094 rhondamerriman@dekalbschools.net
Vicky Walker  Secretary/Attendance Clerk  DMS 615-597-7987 vickywalker@dekalbschools.net
Lisa Hale Secretary/Attendance Clerk DWS 615-536-5332 lisahale@dekalbschools.net
Rita Young Attendance Clerk  NES  615-597-1575 ritayoung@dekalbschools.net
Lori Poss Attendance Clerk/Bookkeeper  SES 615-597-4415 loriposs@dekalbschools.net